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Koptismak “Capelin-Herring”

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Natural dye for fish based on smoke.

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Food color liquid specially designed for soft fish such as capelin, Baltic herring, etc. It gives the finished product a golden, natural smoked color, permanent high-quality coloring, without streaks and stains. Significantly reduces the smoking time and increases the shelf life of the finished product.

The use of Koptismak allows you to smoke fish with a minimum amount of benzo(a)pyrene, unlike traditional smoking.

The use of this drug will reduce the cost of the finished product by reducing losses during smoking and increasing the shelf life.

Application of KOPTISMAK “Capelin-Herring” preparation for dyeing small varieties of fish.

When smoking fish of small varieties (herring, capelin), one of the main problems is obtaining the appropriate color.

A ready-made solution is the addition of natural dye Koptismak “Capelin-Herring” based on liquid smoke flavoring.

The fish acquires color at the time of salting, does not lose it during drying and smoking. Koptismak “Capelin-Herring” is added directly to the brine.

Recommended dosage: from 3 to 5 liters of Koptismak “Capelin-Herring” for 260 liters of brine and 260 kg of fish. Holding time is not less than 90 min.

It is recommended to immediately send the fish for drying after applying Koptismak “Capelin-Herring” in order to avoid partial loss of color.

Benefits of using Koptismak “Capelin-Herring” dye:

– stable color quality of the finished product for each batch;

– ease of use;

– increase in the yield of finished products;

– reduction of smoking time;

– Does not add bitterness to the finished product.

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Natural wood smoke, Water


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