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Aromagold “Cherry for meat products”

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Smoke flavoring made from cherry wood chips.

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“Aromagold Cherry” is a completely natural preparation made from fumes condensed during the combustion of precious woods, with further purification from resins. The natural flavoring agent greatly facilitates the smoking process and has a number of advantages over traditional smoking.

Benefits of Aromagold Cherry

  • natural smoke flavor;
  • extends the shelf life of finished products due to antioxidant and preservative properties;
  • gives the taste and aroma of natural smoking;
  • reduces the heat treatment process (frying, boiling, smoking);
  • more economical than other additives (flavor enhancers, preservatives);
  • masks the uncharacteristic smell and taste of low-quality raw materials;
  • easy to use, does not change the process.

In meat production technology, smoke flavors are used in various ways:

  • introduction into minced meat;
  • processing of natural and collagen casings;
  • injection;
  • atomization.

The processes of salting, grinding raw materials, preparing minced meat, and stuffing remain unchanged in accordance with the current technological instructions.

The use of smoke flavoring does not have a strict dosage, since the addition rates depend more on the composition of the recipe and the taste of consumers. Also, the concentration may depend on the raw materials used for the production of products: pork, beef, chicken, protein supplements.

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