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Ароматизатор Бекон “BBQ”

816,00 грн.680 000,00 грн.


Development of custom flavors

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Liquid flavor “Bacon BBQ” manufactured in accordance with TU U 10.8-3170920098-001:2014, undergoes strict quality control at our own production and in independent laboratories.

The use of flavoring allows you to:

  • create a wide range of food products that differ in taste, aroma, based on the same type of raw materials
  • enhance the natural taste and aroma of foods
  • slows down bacterial spoilage of meat and fish products
  • preserves high organoleptic characteristics of meat products throughout the entire period of storage and sale
  • gives a lasting flavor to the finished product

Shelf life 12 months

You can buy flavoring in bulk by placing an order on the website or by contacting the sales department.

Free consultation of a technologist with experience in large enterprises of Ukrainewill help you choose the working dosage of flavoring.


Вес Н/Д

1 л – ПЕТ, 5 л – ПЕТ, 20 л – ПЕТ, 50 мл – ПЕТ, 100 л – ПЕТ, 200 л – ПЕТ, 750 мл – Стекло, 1000 л – ПЕТ

Основной состав

Вода, Натуральный древесный дым


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