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Dyes of the Koptismak series

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коптисмак пищевые красители

Dyes of the Koptismak series

Dyes for smoking, allow you to get a natural, attractive and appetizing, golden amber color from smoking to smoking, regardless of the quality of the smoking chambers.

Dyes of the Koptismak series color the fish evenly and in a matter of seconds, do not paint over the insides and are not transferred to the packaging, do not smear on the hands, and have a pronounced smell of smoke. “Koptismak” works in the same way as traditional smoking smoke, only faster and more stable, which will significantly affect the presentation and demand for your products. Natural dyes “Koptismak” are made on the basis of concentrated oak smoke. This feature allows you to give smoked fish delicacies a stable, natural golden smoked color.
To obtain conservation properties, aroma and taste, our specialists have developed a series of natural smoking smokes Aromagold made from wood walnut, cherry and alder.

Advantages of natural dye Koptismak:
1) Works on the surface of the product without staining the middle
2) Firmly fixed on the product
3) Evenly lays down on the entire surface without streaks and stains
4) Has preservative properties of smoke
5) Does not change the taste of the finished product
6) Does not require special equipment for application
7) Reduces smoking time by 50% or more
8) Getting the same appetizing color every time you smoke
9) Reduces chip consumption
10) Increases the productivity of the smoke shop by 30% or more
11) Improves palatability by neutralizing smoky bitterness
12) Reduces human error (cooking fish, uneven smoking, etc.)
13) Easy to apply
14) Has a persistent smoke flavor

These advantages of “Koptismaku” are given by its origin: the smoke of oak chips from which we extract natural coloring pigments. It is they who allow to achieve such a result in smoking.
You can get more detailed recommendations on application by contacting our technologists.

Recommendations for use and dosage:

The use of natural flavors and dyes in fish production is possible in several ways:

  • Adding to brine
  • External product processing.
  • Addition of flavoring in the production of preserves and preserves

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