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A few methods of the smoking pig ears?

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smoking ears

A few methods of the smoking pig ears?

🤩Golden fragrant smoked ears – probably , which is the most common dish for lovers of smoked delicacies.
🏭Creating a product that has the perfect aroma, color and taste just got easier.
Using Aromagold “Beech” smoke flavor and Dye Koptismak “Delikat Plus Brown” you greatly facilitate the process of smoking and get a number of advantages:

  • avoid appearance “bitterness”;
  • increasing the yield of the finished product by 10–15%;
  • increasing plant productivity by reducing smoking time;
  • saving energy resources and industrial raw materials (cod);
  • stable ideal color;
  • preservative properties are preserved, as in traditional smoking.

Smoked ears recipe:

  1. Boiled – smoked pork ears (for cooking in vats and digesters)


Pig’s ears, water, salt, peppercorns, bay leaf, Aromagold “Beech” (with the calculation of 80-100 ml per 5 liters of water to taste) and natural dye Koptismak “Delicate Plus Brown”

(at the rate of 50-100 ml per 5 liters of water)

Proportions for testing:

Ears – 1 kg;

Water – 3 l;

Salt – 3 tbsp. l. (salt can be more, to taste);

Peppercorns – to taste;

Bay leaf – 6 pcs;

Natural flavor Aromagold “Beech” – 40-100 ml – to taste;

Natural dye Koptismak “Delicate Plus Brown” – 50-100ml (depending on the intensity of the desired color)

Cooking method:

  1. Prepare ears: rinse and clean;
  2. Put the ears, spices, smoke into the vat and pour boiling water over it;
  3. Cook at a low boil for 10-30 minutes;
  4. Remove from broth and cool;
  5. Cut.

The process of smoking is thus completely eliminated! The taste, color and aroma of natural smoking is achieved in the process of cooking!

    2. Boiled – smoked pork ears (for cooking in a thermal smoking chamber)

Cleaned prepared ears are placed in a prepared marinade (brine) with the addition of spices, salt, water and Aromagold “Beech” (based on 5 l of brine 80-100 ml Aromagold “Beech”) and natural dye Koptismak “Delicate Plus Brown” – based on 5 liters of brine 50-100 ml (depending on the intensity of the desired color), aged according to the manufacturer’s recipe.

If the technology consists in the further cooking process in a thermal chamber or in the process of smoking in a chamber, then the processing time is recommended to be reduced (by 10-15%).

For industrial use, the Aromagold “Beech” smoke flavoring concentrate and the natural dye Koptismak “Delicat Plus Brown” are supplied in PET canisters with a capacity of 5, 10, 20 liters.

The shelf life of the drug in hermetically sealed containers is 24 months.

ROYAL SPICE is always ready to help in solving production or technological issues, provide free technologist consultations and smoke samples that will allow you to try all of the above advantages in production.

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