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Chechil and Suluguni cheese, which they buy

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Chechil and Suluguni cheese, which they buy

Chechil and Suluguni cheese.

Traditionally, when buying Chechil\Suluguni cheese, the buyer looks first of all at its appearance and price. The product must be appetizing.

📎Royal Spice has developed a unique preparation for the brine group of cheeses “Koptismak for Cheese”. It is based on natural, smoke flavor “liquid smoke”. Thus, simply by dipping the cheese in cold/warm water for 30-300 seconds, you get a uniform color and smoked taste.

The main advantages of using:

  • Increasing the yield of the finished product by 10-15% due to the perversion of the smoking process several times;
  • Cost reduction;
  • The drug eliminates foreign tastes and odors in raw milk;
  • Taste and aroma characteristics remain unchanged throughout the entire shelf life of the product;
  • Coptismack for Cheese prevents microbiological spoilage and prolongs freshness;
  • The additive is universal – it fits perfectly both on natural raw materials and on the cheese product

Chechil and Suluguni cheese – Your customers will be delighted!

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