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Confectionery Flavors

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конндитерские ароматизаторы

Confectionery Flavors

👩‍🍳 The success of a confectioner is born when his product combines amazing taste and great appearance!

We do not stand still and try to surprise our customers every time.

FLAVORS FOR CONFECTIONERS is a new line of our products of author’s flavors.

🍭 Salted Caramel
🍯 Honey
🍰 Tiramisu
🌻 Roasted Seed
🌿 Mint
🥜 Peanuts and others

Original food flavorings have long been successfully used by confectioners to create desserts.

TM Royal Spice confectionery flavors:

    • distribute beautifully in the product
    • have a rich and persistent taste and aroma
    • low and high temperature resistant
    • during long-term storage, they do not change their quality characteristics
    • excellent degree of solubility in water/oil phase
    • excellently reveal their properties and do not lose their quality characteristics during long-term storage
    • give flavor to “tasteless foods”
  • economical consumption
  • European quality

Our new products are already enjoying well-deserved popularity due to their impeccable quality and natural composition (some positions are identical to natural ones).

Place an ORDER NOW and get samples of the new line of confectionery flavors in GIFT 🎁







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