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Flavors and spices for smoked lard

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Flavors and spices for smoked lard

Flavors and spices for smoked lard

Salo is a Ukrainian gastronomic cultural identifier for many.

The history of consumption of this product goes back to antiquity.
Under the Zaporizhzhya Sich, the Cossacks kept lard using the technology of salting and smoking. It has since been known that “smoking” (smoking) was a popular and affordable way to achieve this goal. And today, smoking remains popular. But now, the purpose of smoking is more to flavor the food than to store it.

Royal Spice offers a line of products that are made from natural raw materials, retain the taste of smoking, but are free of resins and hazardous substances that occur during the burning of wood. Thanks to modern technologies, we can feast on traditional Ukrainian and Cossack tastes more conveniently, easier and healthier! Let’s try Ukrainian traditions!

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