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Innovative smoking technology

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Innovative smoking technology

Innovative smoking technology

Taking care that you get the most expected effect, technologies and ingredients have been developed separately for each branch of food production.
Natural smoking preparations make it possible to make the smoking process as stable, as simple as possible and less costly without additional investment.

1) Increasing the yield of finished products

2) Saving energy resources and production raw materials (chips)

3) Savings on the purchase of equipment

4) Ease and stability in color-forming smoked crust

5) During the smoking process, the fat content of the product is preserved

6) Reducing the influence of the human factor

7) Conservation properties

8) Easy to use

9) Reducing the content of carcinogens and heavy metals in the finished product

10) Consistently high product quality, regardless of the capabilities of chambers and chips

11) The ability to increase the productivity of the enterprise without increasing production costs

12) Compliance with all environmental standards for emissions into the atmosphere, including companies located within the city.
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