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New! Koptismak “Cheese”

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Koptismak cheese

New! Koptismak “Cheese”

🤩Another novelty for the Ukrainian market from Royal Spice !!!🤩
❗This information will help some companies to respond in a timely manner to dynamic market changes and adjust their work to new European trends, which every year are becoming more and more important in our country.
One of these trends is likely to be the expansion of the line of smoked cheeses, namely smoked Adyghe cheese, smoked cheese and even smoked sour milk cheese.

First of all, our market has long formed a commitment to smoked products, and people know how to successfully use them in home cooking.
With such cheeses 🧀 you can cook original dishes, add to breakfast toast 🥪, requests for fragrant coffee ☕. Smoked cheese has a specific aroma and a golden crispy crust. Adding to different variations of salads will also be a pretty good solution.

Therefore, such a vector for the development of the product line has a strong growth prospect, and our specialists will be able to assist in the creation of unique and author’s products specifically for your company, which your customers will certainly be able to appreciate🤝.
Royal Spice Koptismak Cheese is a unique multifunctional product that will give raw Smoked Taste, Aroma and Color.

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