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Nut Flavors by Royal Spice

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nut flavors

Nut Flavors by Royal Spice

Nut flavors from Royal Spice are undoubted quality and great price.
Heat-resistant on a fat-soluble basis, improving organoleptic characteristics and imparting a persistent, unsurpassed nutty flavor.
The line includes the most popular and sought-after fragrances:

The areas of application of nut group flavors are not limited to confectionery. They found wide consumption in the manufacture of bakery products, cheeses and dairy products, sauces and marinades, snack products, meat delicacies, etc.

Nut flavors can enhance the flavor of a product or add a nutty flavor to products that don’t have it. The use of flavors from TM Royal Spice allows you not to change the main recipe, but acts only as an additional ingredient that corrects the aromatic component of the final product.

If you encounter difficulties with the use of nut flavors, you can always seek technological support, advice and assistance in developing your own recipe.

Therefore, if you need to buy nut flavor, you can always contact sales department.

View the full range of author’s flavors.

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