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Application in fish production

  /    /  Application in fish production
Recipe for the use of the drug “Koptismak” in fish production

Копченая рыба

  1. Fish Ambassador 

Salting fish before smoking:

If you are already using a certain recipe for salting fish, then before smoking it can be left unchanged, this will not affect the result of the work of the preparation “Koptismak”.


Defrosting: the fish must be thawed to a temperature of 0 – +1 degrees.

Приготовление тузлука: Dissolve salt in water until a 11% solution is obtained (110 g of salt / 1 l of water), knead the brine,
Копченая скумбрияока соль полностью не растворится.

Fill: pour the fish with prepared salt brine so that the fish is completely covered with brine (at the rate of 1 liter of brine / 1 kg of fish).

Ambassador: fish must be salted for 3 to 4 days indoors at a temperature of +1 to +5.

To increase the shelf life and saturate the fish with the aroma of smoke, you can add Aromagold Alder to the brine at a dosage of 20-40 g / 1 liter of brine while stirring the salt.

  1. Drying preparation

Preparation of the preparation “Koptismak” for work: in a specially prepared container, dilute “Koptismak” with fresh water in the ratio of 1 liter of the drug to 7 liters of water, the water temperature should be +20 – +25 degrees.

Preparing fish for processing: Remove the fish from the brine and allow the remaining brine to drain.

Drug treatment: place the fish in the prepared preparation for 30 – 60 SECONDS. During processing, the fish must be slightly mixed. Remove the fish from the preparation and hang it in a crate for further drying, if necessary, smoke for 30 minutes with cold smoke of 20-30 degrees.

  1. Drying and smoking.

Place the fish in a smoking chamber, dry until it acquires the desired appearance, 30 minutes before it is ready, it can be doused with smoke at a temperature of 25-28 degrees. The fish must lose some moisture anyway, otherwise the extra moisture can affect the shelf life (unless you use preservatives). In the absence of smoking equipment, drying chambers can be used.


The main thing is not to forget:

  • If you use the drug without special equipment, you must remember that with each immersed kilogram of fish, the drug loses its concentration and requires a longer time exposure of the product in it. If the fish does not acquire the desired color within 2 minutes, then we recommend refreshing the solution with a new dose of Koptismak.                                                         On average, 1 liter of Koptismak stains from 40kg to 400kg of fish (mackerel), 50kg (capelin) 
  1. The drug must be dissolved in water at room temperature (from +20 to +30), since the lower the temperature of the drug, the worse it works. 
  2. The fish should not be slightly repainted, as during the drying process it will darken by two tones and acquire the color of natural smoking.
  3. In the process of dyeing, the fish must be slightly mixed to evenly distribute the drug on the surface of the product.
  4. It is necessary to work with the drug with gloves.
  5. For information on special equipment for more convenient use of our products, you can always contact our technologists.


Obtaining natural smoke flavor: this is a very complex and expensive process, for this reason, manufacturers of such smoke preparations are trying to obtain it in a non-natural, less costly way. Such preparations are called “identically natural flavors”, which are harmful to human health. We also produce real natural smoke condensate, which is a safer technology even compared to traditional smoking.

In the production of smoke, we do not use foreign, chemical elements. Unique equipment for condensing wood smoke, combined with European purification technologies, allows us to condense traditional wood smoke and then clean it from tar, carcinogens and other negative smoke inclusions.

Three main issues of fish smoking that Koptismak solves

1) Fast formation of uniform, natural color of smoking;

2) Saving smoking time;

3) Constantly invariable appetizing color of smoking.

The influence of the human factor on the smoking process is reduced, as a result, the reject rate is reduced and the cost of finished products is reduced.

The output of finished products is increased, since long-term smoke treatment is not required to obtain a smoked color. As a result, the risk of product drying out is minimized.

The issue of seasonality of the product and the need for expensive equipment are being addressed. Many enterprises are faced with a problem: the purchased equipment is not used to its full potential in a certain period, which leads to an increase in the cost of production. Using the technology of liquid smoking, you are not tied to the capacities and costly use of smoking shops.

On the YouTube channel, upon request “Koptismak” you can see a detailed video presentation on the use of this drug.



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