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For home cooking

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We bring to your attention, smoked salt, rice and the best natural smoke for home cooking. Here you can get acquainted with the best recipes for smoked delicacies at home.

As in the famous commercial: “Just add water”, only in our case it is professional concentrated smoked oil from TM “Royal Spice”👍
🔥 rich taste and smell of smoked spice lasts for at least 180 days (research ongoing)
🔥 spice smoked sunflower oil Royal Spice does not crumple
🔥 Royal Spice smoked sunflower oil is suitable for all types of spices and seasonings (mineral, vegetable, synthetic, mixtures)
The line of oils Royal Oil with unsurpassed aromas and taste properties can become a favorite in the home kitchen. They can be used during the preparation of almost all dishes:
🔥 as dressing for salads;
🔥 filling for smoking fish and seafood;
🔥 for making homemade sauces and mayonnaises;
🔥 while baking meat, poultry, fish;
🔥 for marinades, etc.


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