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ROYAL SPICE products for restaurants and fast food

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ROYAL SPICE products for restaurants and fast food

ROYAL SPICE products for restaurants and fast food

There is a myth that smoking flavorings and dyes can only be used in industry. But this is not the case at all. Smoke flavorings can be used for daily preparation of extremely tasty dishes both in the home kitchen and in restaurants or fast food establishments:
🔸 the use of smoke from the “Aromagold” series allows you to give ketchups, marinades and various sauces a smokiness, grill and barbecue taste, enhancing their taste and aromatic qualities.
🔸products of the “Aromagold”, “Koptismak” line and author’s flavorings are used in the production of smoked delicacies from meat, fish and cheese;
🔸The natural taste and aroma of shashlik and barbecue was specially developed for restaurants and fast food establishments. Now, without the use of firewood and an open fire, you can prepare a juicy and aromatic steak simply by seasoning it with BBQ marinade;
🔸 preparation of various dressings for salads, fillings, using a line of flavored vegetable oils from the “Royal Oil” series;
🔸 smoked oil gives the finished product the taste and aroma of natural smoking. This improves the organoleptic indicators of finished products and accordingly expands the range. It can be used both independently and by adding it to ordinary oil, bringing it to the desired concentration;
🔸 original author’s aromas are used in the preparation of various dishes, confectionery, drinks, syrups, spices, mixtures, etc.
🏃 You can order TM “Royal Spice” products on the company’s website https://royalspiceua.com
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