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For restaurants and fast food

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Areas of application “Royal Spice” products:
🔸 We have developed a natural taste and aroma of BBQ and barbecue especially for restaurants and fast food establishments. Now, without the use of firewood and an open fire, it is possible to prepare a juicy and aromatic steak simply by treating it with BBQ marinade.

🔸Useing the products of the “Aromagold” series makes it possible to give sauces, ketchups and marinades a touch of grill and barbecue, enhancing its taste and aromatic qualities.

🔸Production of smoked meat and fish snacks.
🔸Preparation of various dressings for salads, fillings, using the line of flavored vegetable oils of the “Royal Oil” series.

🔸Smoked oil is a high-quality vegetable oil obtained from the seeds of oil varieties of sunflower, which has undergone the smoking process. The finished product is given the taste and smell of natural smoking. Improves the organoleptic indicators of the finished product and, accordingly, expands the assortment.
It can be used both separately and by adding to ordinary oil, bringing it to the desired concentration.

🔸 With the help of smoked flavorings, you can turn any spice into a culinary masterpiece, creating smoked spices, mixtures and seasonings.

🔸The author’s flavorings will be used in the preparation of various dishes, confectionery, drinks, syrups, etc.




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