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Application in cheese production

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Recommendations for the process of smoking hard cheeses using Aromagold natural smoking condensate.
“Aromagold” is a completely natural preparation made from fumes condensed during the combustion of noble woods, with further purification from resins.
“Aromagold” greatly facilitates the process of smoking and has a number of advantages in smoking cheese:
The advantages of using “Aromagold” in the process of smoking hard cheeses:

  • Increasing the yield of finished products;
  • Obtaining the desired color within a few minutes;
  • Easy to use;
  • Reduce smoking time from 50% to 70% of the time;
  • Cost reduction;
  • Stable smoking quality;
  • Reducing the influence of the human factor on the smoking process;
  • The possibility of using conveyor smoking technologies, which significantly increases the productivity of the smoking shop.

There are two methods of smoking Aromagold smoke condensate: mixed and smokeless smoking.

On the production of smoke. What it is? How is it produced? Why use it for smoking cheese?
Smoked cheese has long attracted the attention of consumers, thanks to its exquisite taste, which cannot be obtained without a quality wood-smoking process. If we look at the smoking process from a scientific point of view, we can say the following:
Smoking is a process of processing food with a warm stream of smoke-air mixture. Smoked products are impregnated with bacteriostatic substances of smoke smoke and partially dehydrated, due to which their shelf life is many times increased, and their taste qualities are improved.
In this case, the question arises, what is traditional smoke smoke?
Smoking smoke is a stable dispersed system, consisting of small solid particles, formed during the pyrolysis (combustion) of wood. It is in suspension in the air. Smoke smoke is a typical aerosol with solid particle sizes from 10−7 to 10−5 nm. Smoke particles can serve as condensation nuclei for atmospheric moisture, resulting in smoke fog. From the above, it can be understood that the fog from the smoke of noble wood species can be condensed, and thereby obtain a natural liquid fraction.
Obtaining natural smoke flavor is a very complex and expensive process.
For this reason, manufacturers of such smoke preparations are trying to get it in a non-natural, less costly way. Such preparations are called “identical to natural”. We produce real natural smoke condensates
In the production of smoke, we do not use foreign, chemical elements. Unique equipment for condensing wood smoke, combined with European purification technologies, allows us to condense traditional wood smoke and then clean it from tar, carcinogens and other negative smoke inclusions.
Two main issues of cheese smoking that our products solve:
1) Formation of a uniform, natural smoke color
2) Rapid saturation of the product with smoke elements 2-10 min
With one liter of natural smoke, you can easily smoke more than 40 kg of cheese by immersion from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. After that, the cheese must be washed with clean water and dried superficially in a drying or smoking chamber, without being smoked to the required humidity.
The influence of the human factor on the smoking process is reduced, as a result, the rejection rate is reduced and the cost of finished products is reduced.
The output of finished products is increased, since long-term smoke treatment is not required to obtain a smoked color. As a result, the risk of product drying out is minimized.
The issue of seasonality of the product and the need for expensive equipment are being addressed. As you know, smoked cheese is less in demand in summer than in winter. In this regard, many enterprises are faced with a problem: the purchased equipment in the summer is not used to its full potential, which leads to an increase in the cost of production, and in winter it is sorely lacking. Using liquid smoking technology, you are not tied to the capacities and expensive quality of smoking shops.
Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg of the benefits of using natural smoke in cheese smoking. It is possible to argue about the dangers and benefits of using such technologies for a long time, especially since many who tried to use artificial smoke were disappointed in the effectiveness and quality of such, and manufacturers of smoking chambers, in turn, for obvious reasons, scream about the dangers of liquid smoke.
Quote:“It makes no sense to argue about the taste of cheese without trying it

We are happy to provide you with free technical consultations and smoke samples that will allow you to experience all the above benefits in reality, draw fair conclusions and save you time and money.



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