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Application in meat production

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The use of natural smoke preparations in the production of meat products gives the manufacturer a number of advantages.
First of all, it is the taste and aroma.
When using polymer casings, it is difficult to obtain the desired smoking effect in the traditional way. Natural smoke condensates from TM “Royal Spice” can be used in the preparation of minced meat mixture during curing, during the final batch.
Specially developed smoke flavors of the Aromagold series are widely used in the production of low-cost varieties of sausages, followed by stuffing them into a polyamide casing. Aromagold preparations work with any form of protein, do not conflict with nitrite and other functional additives. For expensive varieties of sausages, atomization or surface application of Aromagold to natural casings is recommended, which gives a considerable effect of enhancing the taste and quickly obtaining the desired color.

To effectively obtain an appetizing smoked color, we produce the Koptismak dye. Unlike similar food colorings such as (annatto, tartrazine, sunset, etc.), “Koptismak” has a number of undeniable advantages in use: it evenly colors the product without streaks and stains, regardless of the quality of the raw materials. It is made from oak\alder\cherry smoke condensate and due to this it is well fixed on the product, it is simple and convenient to use, it reduces the time of smoke treatment in the smoking chamber by several times, thereby increasing the yield of finished products up to 10%.

Cooperation with institutions and professional technologists of the leading meat processing plants in Ukraine allowed us to develop modern smoking technologies, taking into account the economic problems of producers and the mental tastes of the population.

Smokeless smoking benefits:

🔸Increasing the yield of finished products up to 10%
🔸Easier to obtain a uniform smoke color on the product
🔸Increasing shelf life
🔸Reduced smoke processing time (traditional smoking can be omitted in some cases)
🔸Increasing the volume of smoked products without the introduction of additional equipment

You can find out a set of samples, recipes and methods of application for various types of products by contacting the technologists of our company.




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