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New!!! Natural flavor “Smokiness”

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Natural flavor Smokiness

New!!! Natural flavor “Smokiness”

Natural flavor based on smoked smoke.

Heat-resistant, liquid, water-soluble natural flavor. Reduces the use of spices by 30-40%. Increases the shelf life of the finished product by 10-15%.

  • Gives a spicy, persistent smoky flavor to the finished product;
  • Improves the organoleptic characteristics of products, the recipe of which includes a large amount of low-grade raw materials (block beef trimming of the 2nd grade, MMD poultry, various emulsions, meat substitutes, fillers such as semolina, etc.). In this case, the flavor added to the recipe will enhance the bouquet of spices and spices by more than 30% and hides foreign smell and taste, often present in block raw materials;
  • It reduces the time of processing the product with smoke in the heat chamber, which will really increase the yield of the finished product and save energy and material costs of production as a whole (electricity and wood chips);
  • Slows down bacterial spoilage of meat products (as a preservative can serve as a substitute for preparations such as “Delvacid”, “Alluzin”);
  • Retains high organoleptic characteristics of meat products throughout the entire period of storage and sale;
  • Expands the range of smoked flavored products.

Flavoring “Smokiness” saturates meat products and gourmet dishes, sausages, sausages, sausages, p / c products with a bright aroma.

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