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Restaurant business trends

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Restaurant business trends

Restaurant business trends

The global pandemic has turned everything upside down🙆

Everyone, and especially the restaurant industry, has to change.

👩‍💼So, what changes can the restaurant industry expect and what to pay attention to in the near future?

We try not only to provide quality products from Royal Spice, but also to deeply understand the business processes of our customers, share ideas, news in their industry.

We have compiled a list of the most relevant trends, by implementing which you will be able to adapt to new realities and be on top of your customers.

✔️Trend 1: ZOJ and Flexitarianism

more and more people will want to diversify their table with healthy and healthy food. It will even become fashionable. In parallel, flexitarianism will develop – based on a plant-based diet that allows meat consumption.

✔️Trend 2: fusion of different cuisines

there is a forecast that this year a mix of different cuisines will be good, such as Mexican-Korean cuisine or Chinese-Peruvian, where, for example, tacos or burritos are stuffed with Korean barbecue. Restaurants and cafes that have the opportunity to experiment – do it!👩‍🍳

✔️Trend 3: search for new flavors and aromas

interesting and unusual tastes and aromas of “old” dishes – this is what will be in the trend of 2021. People want something new, and at the same time something simple at affordable prices.

✔️Trend 4: mono kitchen

in 2021, the popularity of single-food restaurants will increase. Today, this format of establishments is considered more profitable for small businesses. It involves the preparation of only one or several dishes, but in different variations. For example, different versions of dumplings, pancakes or sandwiches

✔️Trend 5: Auteur dishes

in 2021, simple and understandable dishes in the author’s presentation will become popular.

Taking into account all possible forecasts, we develop aromas and tastes with which your dishes will be unique masterpieces.

The line of our products in the form of author’s oils is a refined taste and aroma that gives your dishes sophistication and new experiences.


Reveal all the splendor of your menu with our products from Royal Spice and be in TREND🙋


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