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Line of author’s aromatizers

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Line of author's aromatizers

Line of author’s aromatizers

🙂 Our company was lucky to cooperate with MEGA, a talented French process engineer of Ukrainian origin – Mikhail Gordeev.

The result of our joint activity was a line of copyright flavors.

Соленая карамель

The addition of aromatics does not interfere with production processes. They are available in concentrated form, but they can be added both in concentrated form and as a solution in water, oil, or part of the product itself. On some products, they are applied by direct spraying, such as chips and other snacks.

In cheeses, sausages and sauces, they are added along with salt and spices, in desserts – with sugar syrup, etc. If the product undergoes heat treatment, flavors should be added later.


Food flavors are added to products for:
• stabilization of taste and aroma of food products;
• restoration of taste and aroma lost during processing;
• strengthening of natural taste and aroma;
• imparting taste and aroma to tasteless products.


I would like to note that the name of any aromatic substance only partially reflects its aroma, and the same flavor may “sound” differently in different food products. Recommended dosage: 0.1% to 1%. Each food industry uses its own technological processes and recipes. When calculating dosages, it is important to take into account the recommendations, as well as the properties of specific products.



Classification of flavors by directions:

  • for snacks. Flavors, honey mustard, spicy horseradish, grilled chicken with herbs, BBQ, etc. are successfully used in the production of meat and vegetable snacks.
  • in the production of roasted peanuts, seeds, almonds popular flavors: BBQ line, “Chili”, “Wasabi”, “Honey-mustard”, “Caramel”, “Volossky nut” , ” Hazelnut”, “Almond” and many others.
  • for meat and meat products. They are used in many types of meat production – these are sausages, ham, brawn, semi-finished cutlets, dumplings, khinkali, etc. Here is a partial list of the collection of types of meat flavors: “Pork BBQ”, “Smoked Poultry”, Barbecue, “Smoked Turkey”, “Grilled Chicken”, “Baked meat”, etc. There is an equally rich collection of flavors: “Almond”, “Smoked Cheese”, “Mushrooms”, “Tomato spicy”, “Smoked Dill”, “Smoked Garlic” and many others.
  • are used in all branches of the confectionery industry, such as: caramel products, sugary products, namely marmalade, fondant, soufflé; creamy, milky insides; flour confectionery, all kinds of cookies, waffles, cakes, muffins, etc. The dosage of flavors for different types of confectionery products may vary.
  • for the dairy industry. We offer flavors for various types of dairy products, such as different types of cheese, milk, cream, cheese, sour cream, butter, toffee, baked milk.
  • for making mayonnaise, ketchup and sauces. The aromas of honey, horseradish, walnut, lemon, ginger, etc. are successfully used in the production of mustard and sauces.

At your request, we are ready to provide samples from the vast range of flavors available, recommendations for use, and we can also develop an individual flavor with a specific taste profile for any type of production. Using our flavors, you can give your products a unique taste and aroma.

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